Personal Fundraising Sites: Examples

Personal fundraising sites allow you to raise money from the crowd for personal purpose.  We have covered this type of crowdfunding before in a previous post that listed some reasons to start a personal fundraising website.  We wanted to take this opportunity to provide additional information and details about some of those options, just to give you an idea of what this type of funding might be used for.  Here are some more detailed examples of how personal fundraising sites could be used:

Personal Fundraising Sites for a mission trip

Let’s say there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world and you want to help.  Or maybe there is a place where people could benefit from your help in some way.  Perhaps you have a connection with that part of the world or that culture, or maybe you just found out about certain struggles and want to help.  In all of these cases you want to provide mission-driven help to a group that is either less fortunate or experiencing some type of urgency.  Whether you are going alone or with a group, you need money, and if you do not have it in the bank you can potentially use personal fundraising sites to raise it.  In most cases yu will share the details of your trip and what your goals are, and once you get the funding you will keep people posted about what you are doing and how you are helping.  You may have an ask that is open-ended, where you collect enough money up front to go, but then  continue to fund raise when you are there so you can continue and even broaden your work.

Personal Fundraising Sites for a competition

A different example of a use of personal fundraising sites is raising money to participate in a competition or partake in some other type of exciting event.  Maybe your chosen pursuit requires some degree orf travel, or the purchase of certain equipment or supplies.  Maybe you need to hire a coach or purchase practice time.  Or perhaps there is an entry fee.  One way or another personal fundraising websites allow you to ask friends, family, and even people you don’t know to help you realize your goals and enter these competitions.  People can feel like they’ve funded something exciting, and they may enjoy getting updates about how you are doing – how your training is going, what you are doing to reach your goals, and then finally how the competition goes.   You might use pictures, screenshots, videos and other methods to keep people excited and interested.

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Personal Fundraising Sites for Adoption

If you want to adopt a child you may find that there are steep initial fees.  And perhaps you want to do an international adoption that will involve significant fees for travel and lodging.  And at the same time, you may miss work while you travel or after you adopt which affects your income.  You may be able to start a personal fundraising site to help offset some of the costs.  There are many people who are willing and motivated to fund adoption expenses, so there are of course opportunities for personal fundraising sites in this area.  This may be especially true if you are doing a high risk adoption of some sort, or if you are adopting a child with a certain characteristic that is of interest to an investor as far as promoting adoption.  Your personal fundraising site must sell your ability to be a great family for the potentially adopted child.

Personal Fundraising Sites for Local Charity

After a natural disaster or other occurrence there may be needs to raise money, and these are the kinds of circumstances that lend themselves to personal fundraising sites.  There may also be proactive reasons for fundraising, such as when a community wants to improve itself in some way, or help reduce a risk or problem that can be foreseen.  In these cases a site can be set up where money can be raised in an organized and efficient manner, and this can be helpful in bringing transparency to the process.  Depending on the nature of the problem the website can be designed mostly to hit the local market, or it can be tailored to a whole region or to general fundraising if the cause could be meaningful outside of the general area.

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These are just four examples designed to show you how personal fundraising sites can be used.  There are of course many other examples.  You will need to choose whether to use an aggregate site or design a website on your own.  This will likely depend on whether someone in your group knows how to build websites and use search engine optimization techniques to get it noticed.  If you want to know if your idea might resonate, you can go online and search for other examples and types of personal fundraising sites.

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