Crowdfunding Websites for Films

Crowdfunding websites for films are becoming better known as a few of the projects start to do well.  As crowdfunding in general grows in popularity and interest it is not surprising that the thought of mixing these pursuits with funding a film is entering the realm of possibility, and it can actually be quite fun.  We explore the ways that you can look to crowdfunding film sites to bring cheer to someone else, or enjoy them yourself.

Crowdfunding Websites for Films and Gifts

The holidays are coming and you may already be looking for a great gift for someone special.  Perhaps you are someone who likes thinking outside the box when it comes to holiday gifts, and we have an idea for you.  How about giving a donation to crowdfunding websites for films as a gift?  We do not mean that the person in question has a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending pitch out there and you would fund them, although that is certainly an idea if that happens to be the case.  What we mean is that you buy a person a stake in something at one of the crowdfunding film sites.

Of course if your friend or relative has a pitch out there and any one of the crowdfunding film sites out there you can also make a donation or investment in their own pitch.  Perhaps you can even make sure other friends and relatives also know about this option.  This is especially true and can be especially meaningful if you know that the person is putting a lot of effort and time into their film project, and that nothing could be more supportive than making this choice.   There are also gifts you can give to the person who has a pitch out there that are a little more peripheral, such as buying them time with a web designer or SEO (search engine optimization) expert, or helping them with some sort of marketing they are doing through the crowdfunding film sites.

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Crowdfunding Film Sites Ideas

You can also invest yourself in crowdfunding film sites.  The insider information you can get can be a lot of fun, and you become a promotional arm of the film.  It can be great to see how the project unfolds and to take part in special events.  What are the potential options should you look into crowdfunding websites for films?

1.  You can buy someone a stake in the film’s production, almost an equity stake in the business behind the film.  This can be an exciting thing for the person as they watch the value or success of that film going forward.  Maybe you buy yourself some equity as well so the two of you can enjoy watching the success closely together.  This option is usually reserved for higher investments

2. You invest an amount of money in a crowdfunding film sites more as a loan – your peer-to-peer lending approach can net you some interest on the money you give, though you will not have an equity stake.  This may not be as exciting as the first example, but if you might normally give a gift card or even cash, this can be a better route that pays off.

3. You can make a donation through crowdfunding websites for films site so that you can get insider perks, such as interesting and informative information as the project moves forward.  You can feel good about helping a project and enjoy getting insider benefits.  Perhaps the film is a documentary about something you enjoy, or maybe it is just a genre that you like and you want to see the process of a film being produced.

4. Perhaps you can look for an investment at crowdfunding film sites that is attached more to a person than the whole film.  Maybe you want to support a director, producer, or actor, who you think is interesting and has a promising career.  You can be a part of that person’s success, getting updates on how they are doing, and perhaps perks such as tickets, recordings, or other types of VIP fan treatment.

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Supporting a project through crowdfunding film sites might be a great idea no matter which goal you choose from the above .  It is certainly an out-of-the-box type way to give a gift, or a wonderful way to either make money or enjoy insider perks or both.  Let us know what you choose to do, and how it all turns out if you do choose to look into crowdfunding sites for films.

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