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A “Crowdfunding Script” is basically the coding behind your white label crowdfunding pitch.  In a pure form, a crowdfunding script would allow you to build a website that is unique and independent and then just pay for publishing from any number of websites.  For some, that is where the definition of a crowdfunding script stops, and they truly take the bare bones coding and turn it into a website.  The coding may be complete and just needing a few tweaks for that particular pitch, or it could be just parts of the coding that are unique to crowdfunding while the user must build the other parts of the website him or herself.

A crowdfunding script like described above may be directly used by some who are looking for funding.  Maybe their field, and also where they are trying to get funding, relates to software and they therefore are also trained in building a website from coding.  This can be a great way for some people to build their platform, literally choosing every detail and making it as unique as possible in relation to their project or purpose.  In other cases, however, the person or group looking for funding must hire a consultant who will take the crowdfunding script and design the website from it.  It may be that that person stays on as part of the group, even perhaps with an equity stake.  Or it may be that that person stays only as a consultant, paid as needed.  One way or another, this option of building the website from the coding can create a very personalized and unique experience that can not only have all the right information but might also impress the crowd.  The disadvantage of this choice is that more time is needed up front and also in maintaining the site and keeping everything up to date.

Sometimes the term “crowdfunding script” might also be used to describe something that is a little more complete and finished.  Maybe instead of bare bones coding the term might refer to a website that is partially finished and merely needs some details chosen before it can be launched.  This option may be more realistic for those who know a little about putting together a website but cannot do it from scratch.  The nice thing about this option, of course, is that you still end up with a personalized website from you pitch to the crowd, but you do not have to have been trained in coding.  And going forward there will likely be less time needed to keep your site running smoothly and fully updated.  The downside is that your website will look a little similar to other sites built with the same partially finished crowdfunding script.

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Finally, this term can sometimes be used to describe out-of-the-box solutions where the website is basically a finished product.  In these cases you are not really buying the script but the actual fully done website.  The term is really being used quite loosely to describe the fact that you are not choosing an aggregate site where there are tens of pitches, but rather that you are buying a personalized site that will be unique to some degree.

Most people choose to go with an established crowdfunding website for their pitch, and that is also where most investors start as well.  But looking into the white label approach and even going as far as to buy a crowdfunding script that you’ll need to build a website from can be a good option depending on the time you have available and your expertise.  Not only will you have to spend time building teh site, but you’ll also need to get your site noticed by search engines and potential investors.  Yet this approach gives you the most flexibility to make your unique pitch, and can be quite impressive to investors.  WE wish you the best of luck if you are someone who chooses a crowdfunding script approach!

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