Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites

Top Ten Crowdfunding Sites 2017

Boiling things down to the top 10 crowdfunding sites is not easy.  There are so many types of crowd sourcing, so pulling out the top crowdfunding sites for a top 10 list means cutting across many variables.  That said, we have managed to pull together this top ten crowdfunding sites list by looking at some general features and choosing sites that offer many different types of crowd sourcing.  Please

feel free to let us know what your experience has been with any of these websites, and also feel free to offer your own opinions, whether a full top ten crowdfunding websites list, or just one or two sites that you like.

Top ten crowdfunding sites disclaimers

Before we present our top 10 crowdfunding sites list we want to offer three disclaimers:

  1. Like any top 10 crowdfunding sites list we are leaving out some excellent websites.  Your project or purpose is unique, and that means that there could be a site that is uniquely suited to you that is not on a general listing like this one.  This top ten crowdfunding sites listing should give you a start and some ideas, but do not limit yourself.
  2. We do not have affiliate links on this site.  All the links you will find below on our top ten crowdfunding sites list are simple links – we do not profit from your choice.  While some top ten crowdfunding sites lists have affiliate links but are still reputable – perhaps they chose the websites first and then approached the companies to become affiliates – you should still beware of affiliates.
  3. The quality of crowdfunding websites changes and while we continually update our site we may be missing newer or improved platforms on our top 10 crowdfunding sites list.

With those three caveats in mind we present our top ten crowdfunding sites list.

Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites Listing

The following are our top ten crowdfunding sites listed in no particular order – please make sure to keep that last part in mind.  While boiling down the many high quality crowd sourcing sites was hard enough, putting a top ten crowdfunding sites list in order was not possible given that many of these websites differ in the type of funding they are geared for.  In other words, any site that makes it onto our top ten crowdfunding sites list is quite good!

  1. GoFundMe is perhaps the largest member of our top 10 crowdfunding sites list.  The reason why GoFundMe makes it onto this list goes beyond the fact that it is big.  The site is also quite easy to navigate, charges reasonable fees, and is easy to navigate whether you are making a pitch or looking to provide funding.  GoFundMe is uniquely set up for personal pitches, and that may include individuals and families as well as nonprofit groups such as schools.  Customer support is stellar at GoFundMe, so if we also had a top ten crowdfunding sites list that only related to customer support, you’d find this site at or near #1.
  2. WeFunder is a great choice to get crowdfunding for small business start-ups.  WeFunder makes it onto our top ten crowdfunding sites because of its size and quality.  Investors have come to trust that this site will have a large selection of high quality potential investments, and the platform is still growing quickly.  WeFunder is easy to navigate and use.
  3. BelieversFund is the first of the niche platforms on our top 10 crowdfunding sites list.  Believers Fund specializes in funding mobile apps.  This platform is so strong that they’ve managed to attract partners including Microsoft.  With many investors active on the site an app with high potential has a great chance of attracting a business funding investment.
  4. New Jelly is another niche site on our top ten crowdfunding sites list and this one is for artists of many types.  Whether an artist that is painting, making a film, creating a play, or putting together a musical, New Jelly is a reputable site that has attracted the attention of many investors.
  5. KickStarter is well-known and well liked and easily makes our list of top 10 crowdfunding websites out there.  Still focusing on creative products, KickStarter has a huge selection and is easy to navigate and search.  This platform attracts everyone from artists to writers to inventors, and therefore manages to pull in investors with a wide variety of interests.
  6. Start Some Good is the best platform on our top 10 crowdfunding sites list for those looking to change the world, or a small part of it, for the better.  Start Some Good is relatively new but picking up steam quickly.  You may find both non-profit and for-profit choices at this site, all of which give investors a chance to invest in socially responsible entrepreneurs.
  7. Indie Go Go is one of the largest platforms on our top ten crowdfunding sites list and also one of the oldest.  They have helped raise money for tens of thousands of campaigns and truly have a worldwide reach.  Despite their size, Indie Go Go is easy to navigate and search.
  8. Peerbackers is a strong crowdfunding website that focuses on entrepreneurs and innovations.  The site has featured everything from creative to civic to entrepreneurial projects, and has a global reach.  Peerbackers even has a section for young entrepreneurs (13 to 17, must belong to a student organization).  Of the entries on our top ten crowdfunding sites list, Peerbackers has one of the strongest educational sections which they call Crowdfunding Academy.
  9. MicroVentures brands itself as an “investment bank for startups.”  The nice thing about this entry onto our top 10 crowdfunding sites list is that MicroVentures does a lot of the homework for investors.  Once they have done a good amount of due diligence on startups that apply for funding the site helps them raise capital.  As the name of the site implies, MicroVentures allows for angel investors to contribute small amounts (as opposed to other equity sites) of capital to a project they feel has potential.   The business funding platform at MicroVentures is SEC-approved.
  10. RocketHub is a niche type platform but still makes it onto our top ten crowdfunding websites list for overall quality in a growing area.  Initially launched as a site that would focus on the arts, RocketHub’s success led it to expand to include science, education, business and charitable projects.  RocketHub has done some interesting and exciting promotions including its annual SciFund Challenge which funds science projects.

With all the choices out there and the variety of reasons you may be either looking for funding or deciding where to invest this top 10 crowdfunding sites list is far from comprehensive.  There are many other possibilities out there that might be a good fit for your project or purpose.

Top Ten Crowdfunding Sites Summary

There are many possible choices for both investors and entrepreneurs on our top ten crowdfunding sites list above.  Your first choice as an entrepreneur may be whether you are going to go to a niche site or whether you want to choose a more general platform that may attract more investors.  Then you should narrow your choices to a few top sites – look for others who have received funding for projects similar to yours, and overall investment traffic.  Then look into other factors to help you make a final choice.  We provide some help in choosing a crowdfunding website and keep in mind that we have niche information about the best crowdfunding sites for business, the best equity crowdfunding websites, the crowdfunding websites for individuals, and the top rewards-based crowdfunding platforms.

Share your own top ten crowdfunding sites

We hope you will share information and advice with other readers if you have had experience with these or any other platforms.  Feel free to list your own top 10 crowdfunding sites listing, or just let us know which platforms we left off our own top ten crowdfunding sites list.