Best Crowdfunding Sites: Rewards Based

Best Crowdfunding Sites for Rewards

The best crowdfunding sites for rewards are those that present you with the most opportunities that are a match for your reasons for looking to this type of investment for your entrepreneurial or artistic idea, or your investment of money.  You may be looking to invest in a certain type of person, group or company such as artists or one type or another, start-ups that are in a certain field,

Choosing the Best Crowdfunding Sites for Rewards

There are many possibilities for both investors and entrepreneurs and artists as far as rewards-based crowdfunding websites.  In order to choose among them you might want to decide what your criteria might be and therefore narrow your choices going in.  Here are five different criteria you might use to decide which might be the best rewards-based crowdfunding site for your project or purpose:

Best crowdfunding sites by niche

What is your niche?  Look for a rewards-based crowdfunding site that seems to attract the most business on both sides for that niche.  Many of the larger sites cover many niches, but sometimes you can tell which ones they seem to do particularly well on.  If your project is arts-based, such as raising or investing money to produce a play or musical or to buy supplies as a painter, you’ll find that some crowdfunding sites do particularly well in this business.

Do you want a small niche-based rewards-based crowdfunding website, or a larger site that covers many niches including yours.  The difference here is whether as an investor you want to have your options open even if you have a strong general idea of how you want to invest, or as an entrepreneur or artist you want to be able to attract the attention of investors who may not have set out to fund a project like yours but could potentially be interested.

Best crowdfunding sites by guidance

How much will you need support and education as an investor or entrepreneur/artist?  If you’d prefer a site that gives a lot of guidance or is at least well-known for providing excellent customer service you might look for that attribute as you search for the best platform.

Best crowdfunding sites and cost

What are the fees and other costs?  While there may not be huge differences in the fees that are charged or percentages taken, this can still provide a tie breaker if you are choosing among several rewards-based crowdfunding websites.  Similarly, you may want to see how much it costs to get “featured” by the site or otherwise get increased notice.

Best crowdfunding sites types of rewards

Finally, you may want a larger and more well-rounded website if you think you might end up moving to a different type of crowdfunding – maybe you are starting with a rewards-based pitch but might eventually move to an equity-based offer or a peer-to-peer loan.  As an investor you might choose a site like this if you want to keep all of your investment options open.

Best Crowdfunding Sites for Rewards by Niche

The following are some of the best crowdfunding sites for rewards by major niche

Best crowdfunding sites for schools

The best crowdfunding sites for schools are those that charge low fees, attract investors who want to give to an educational cause, and are reasonably easy to use.  Usually school systems do not have the resources to put a lot of time and effort into their pitch, and often they want to just design something that they can send out to their current constituents.  The best crowdfunding sites for schools are often white lable – not connected to a larger site at all, but rather something that can bu built as a stand-alone and the school can send people to it.  Search engine optimization, for example, may take a back seat.

Best crowdfunding sites for writers and artists

The best crowdfunding sites for writers and artists allow for an expression of the person’s talent so that potential investors can see what they might be contributing to.  Often a larger site that offers many different possibilities which can be attractive to investors is a good choice.  And an easy way to communicate back and forth is often desired.  In some cases artists are doing something similar to schools in that they are sharing information with their own networks already, and in those cases SEO is not as important, but in other cases the hope is that the ask attracts people that are not currently known to the artist.

Best crowdfunding sites personal

The best crowdfunding sites for personal projects are those that give you a chance to fully express your need and attract people who share your mission or perhaps are intrigued by it.  Again these may be sites where you are merely telling your own network, and others where you are trying to attract visitors you don’t know.

(Note the we do not list the best crowdfunding sites for business, whether start-ups or established businesses given that usually these opportunities involve some sort of equity.  Even the ones that will not be equity based are found on our best crowdfunding websites page

Best Crowdfunding Sites for Rewards List

The following are just a few examples of the top crowdfunding sites out there.  We do not make any commission on your choice, and we’ve chosen these possibilities because they are well-established and easy to compare.  This is certainly not a complete picture of all of the best crowdfunding websites available, and there certainly may be a choice not listed here that is a best fit for you.  We do not make any money with your choice – you’ll notice there are no links paired with out listings.

  • Indiegogo may have started as one of the best crowdfunding websites for new filmmakers, but now is a great site for any personal and/or charitable purpose.  The fees are reasonable and again this is a site where you often do not have to pay back the funding because it will be used either for personal reasons or for a project that will give investors insider perks.
  • Kickstarter is one of the biggest and still best crowdfunding sites out there.  One thing that sets Kickstarter apart is a rigorous approval policy –  many projects and  purposes are not accepted, but if your is you can feel quite good because this website has had many successes.
  • Peerbackers focuses on entrepreneurs and innovators and it has many niches that serve a variety of audience including young entrepreneurs, those looking to do a civic-minded project, and people with innovative ideas of all types.  Peerbackers even runs an “Academy” for those interested in investing whether through their site or another.
  • One example of a niche-based site, and perhaps one of the top crowdfunding sites for any band looking for success, is sellaband.  This can be a fun way to help a band get its start, and even bands that do not get funding may benefit from the exposure.

Again, the above list is by no means comprehensive and there are other best crowdfunding sites out there.  It is designed to help you see the range of choices with string examples of each possibility for best crowdfunding sites for your purpose..